The Make-It Capital Fund

The Make-It Capital Fund (the “Fund”) is a wholesale unit trust managed by Make-It Singapore and Make-It New Zealand. It is open to institutional and accredited investors. The Fund is a totally unique one-stop shop for a comprehensive blockchain / cryptocurrency portfolio empowering investors to participate in the complete ecosphere of the blockchain universe with just one investment. To achieve this and reduce volatility at the same time, we apply our proprietary five-pillar approach. 

Investment objectives

The Make-It Fund offers the opportunity to invest in an all encompassing 360° basket of digital assets and cryptocurrencies whilst actively managing inherent volatility and risk.

As such, we apply our 5 Pillar Approach currently spreading investments to TOP 20 coins, Trading, Arbitrage, DeFi / Yield Farming and Seed Opportunities

This comprehensive and holistic investment methodology makes the Make-It Fund stand out and is not offered by any other financial institution.

The Fund continues to outperform all other major asset classes: