For Qualified Investors

Make-it launch investment products for Qualified Investors. As such, together with our Swiss partner, we will offer a wide range of highly innovative investment opportunities into crypto currencies through AMCs.

What is an AMC?

An Actively Managed Certificate is a new generation of actively managed financial products securitizing bankable and non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN and no attached bank risk due to its off-balance sheet character. It is MiFID compliant, all cash is handled through a Swiss Paying Agent and offers complete price transparency. It can only be sub- scribed to / bought through banks and brokers.
Product Description and Opportunities

The 100% Profit Sweep AMC on Master Nodes provides the opportunity to generate passive income through Master Nodes and Nodes on selected crypto currencies as well as to participate in a rising crypto currency market. The Certificate is designed to reinvest obtained rewards over a period of six months to profit from compound- ing effects. Hedges into fiat shall be taken at favorable market conditions. After six months 100% of profits generated shall be swept and paid out to investors in fiat thus creating a continuous flow of passive income.

What is a Node?

To put it simply, a Node – a network hub on a crypto currency – works similar to mining in the Bitcoin network. The operator provides a Nodeon its infrastructure to stabilize as well as to confirm network transactions in a decentralized manner for which the operator shall be compensated in the form of rewards. To run a Node, an operator is required to continuously own a certain number of respective coins in a dedicated environment. The hosting and operation of a Node requires a high level of technical sophistication and know-how.

Passive income through Nodes
By hosting and operating Nodes, we shall generate annual income in the form of network rewards to the order of 6-40% depending on the un- derlying crypto currency. A single Node can cost between a few thousand to several million US dollars.