Start of the first pools with

We have invested a lot of time and work and we are very proud to announce that we will be launching our first pools on!

Make-It GmbH with a strong standing in Switzerland will as of now manage the asset management of pools for our partner The fantastic news is that we are in a position to reproduce our successful test pool of mid-2018 1:1 with total control by our investment team. Let’s do it again!

At start, total potential investment will be somewhat limited, however, this will be scaled up in due time. We will serve you on a first-come basis. And even if you don’t get an allocation for the first pool, please have a little patience, the next ones will come. As we are creating yet another world debut and a truly genuine innovation, we need to ensure an utterly safe and secure structure for you – our highly valued investors and partners. We have many ideas for new and totally innovative pools, however, as a community, we truly cherish your valued input and ideas. What would you like us to create for you? Let’s (r)evolutionize the crypto investment world together.

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